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Eastern vs Western medical philosiphies

Eastern, or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), views health and disease very differently from western medicine (WM). For instance, WM tends to have a linear perspective – that event A triggers B triggers C triggers D; whereas TCM sees more circular relationships – event A triggers B triggers A triggers B etc. TCM makes no distinction between physical and emotional or mental health, whereas WM views these issues separately; WM views health as the absence of clinical disease, whereas TCM has more stringent criterion.

Each perspective has its strengths – WM has brought us a wealth of useful drugs and surgical procedures, whereas TCM provides acupuncture, herbal and nutrition therapy to treat conditions that frequently frustrate western practitioners.

One of the strengths of TCM, and of acupuncture in particular, is its usefulness in reducing pain and balancing muscle tension and strength.

TCM relies heavily on metaphors and comes with a vocabulary that is often confusing to the western ear. Terms like heat, damp, and wood all have meaning to an eastern practitioner, just as words like discospondylitis or osteochondrosis mean something to a western practitioner.

TCM often recognizes subtle clinical signs that mean nothing to a western practitioner. For instance, if Dr. Lane is treating a pet that has muscle pain but he finds out it also has a history of bloodshot eyes, from a TCM perspective that will affect his therapeutic plan. From a WM perspective, the two conditions are not related.

In short, through its effects on neural transmitters, blood flow and inflammatory mediators, acupuncture is a useful tool for reducing pain, accelerating healing, and improving muscle strength and neural health.

Central to the TCM philosophy is the notion that energy or Qi (prounounced “chi”) flows through the body. Imbalances, blockages or accumulations of Qi trigger disease. Acupuncture releases, strengthens, and balances Qi to restore health.

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