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Veterinary chiropractic adjustments trigger muscle relaxation which helps return the spine to normal pain-free function and mobility.

Veterinary Chiropractic Medicine help your dog by:

Relieving pain
Improving patent strength, mobility, flexibility and co-ordination
Improving athletic ability
Reducing the chance of future arthritis or other degenerative conditions
Reducing the chance of sports injury in active, working or competing dogs
Reducing the chance of needing prescription medication or surgery
Aid in the treatment of, or completely resolve urinary incontinence issues

Some common signs of back pain are:

Altered posture – hunched or arched back, altered head or tail carriage
Irritability, flinching, twitching skin or cowering when the back is touched
Difficulty getting up or lying down, or trouble going up/down stairs
Hesitancy or inability to jump up or down
Difficult to diagnose, subtle or shifting lameness
Lameness that affects a body region instead of just one limb
Decreased fitness level or athletic ability
Scuffing nails, tripping or other signs of reduced strength or co-ordination
Leaking urine

For more detailed information on how Veterinary Chiropractic Medicine can help your dog, please view Dr. Lanes article on this topic here: Points East West Veterinary Services