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Caring for Senior Pets

Dogs and Cats can age up to 7 times faster than humans!

We recommend annual wellness exams especially for seniors so that, much like humans, your pets can be thoroughly examined.

What Is Involved with a Senior Exam?

During a senior exam, your animal will be thoroughly examined nose to tail(eyes, teeth, ears, skin, heart, lungs, abnormal bumps, lymph nodes/glands, temperature) and the doctors will answer any questions you might have about your animal’s health.

Two common tests recommended for senior animals are comprehensive blood testing and urinalysis. Blood testing can help identify early signs of disease and can establish a baseline when treating any future potential problems. Early detection of disease can allow the best decisions to be made with regards to diet, exercise and medication so they can live longer and happier lives. In a urinalysis, the doctors get a good insight into kidney function and possible illnesses passed through urine (specifically liver damage, infection, diabetes, and kidney issues).

At Coast Mountain Veterinary Services, we want you to cherish your animal’s senior years. The companionship of a wonderful old friend passes too quickly. While it’s important your animal remains active, it is equally important that you share time and attention with them. Make every day count.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your animal, please call us at 604-932-5391