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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance for Your Dog or Cat

Dogs are cats are more than just “pets” to us today. They are important members to our families as they are always faithful and show unwavering love and loyalty to us.

Each year, there are tremendous advances in veterinary treatment and the ability to save lives in critical situations has improved drastically. However, the cost of providing the very best care can be high. By insuring your pet, you always know your pets will have access to excellent medical care if they suddenly become sick, develop a serious medical condition, or suffer any injuries.

At Coast Mountain Veterinary Services we have worked with many pet-insurance companies over the years. There are many different options and plans available so it is important to do your research on the coverage, deductibles, and annual limits.

In our experience, Petsecure ( is one of the top insurances providers today with a claims process that is efficient and fair.

If you have any questions about Pet Insurance, please take a look at their website or discuss your options with our staff.