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Coast Mountain Veterinary Services

Stryker, an Orange Cat

What is the Stryker Fund?

In March, 2022 a cat named Stryker brought into the clinic.

Stryker was in critical condition with a urinary blockage. He was brought in from a rural area and his family couldn't afford the necessary surgery, so the family had to make the difficult decision to surrender him to our local shelter to get him the life-saving treatment he needed.

The family brought him directly to the clinic, where we handled the surrender paperwork. They were very upset, but through tears told us that they would do whatever they needed to do to see Stryker live, even if it meant he wouldn't live with them. 

After admitting Stryker, we sat and spoke with the family, who shared with us that Stryker wasn't originally their cat, it had belonged to their daughter, who had passed away the previous year. It was their final link to their daughter, and they couldn't afford his surgery so they had to say goodbye.

Due to their selfless act, Stryker survived. He’s a fighter and is now healthy again.

When you're faced with a situation like this, it's normal to feel helpless, and accept that sometimes this is what happens. And it is. We've all seen cases like this working in veterinary care, but the staff at Coast Mountain never want to see something so heartbreaking happen in our area again. So, we started the Stryker Fund.

The Stryker Fund, in honour of Stryker’s story, was created to pay for one-off surgeries with expected good outcomes. It supports the special cases where families cannot afford to pay for this surprise expense and would otherwise see the pet euthanized or surrendered.

We expect this fund will not only help our clients when faced with heartbreaking conditions, but also support our local shelter, Whistler Animals GaloreWAG has been a longtime partner of Coast Mountain Veterinary Services and we are happy to work with their support on this initiative to help keep pets in their homes and out of shelters.

Staff Members Treating Stryker, an Orange Cat, at Coast Mountain Veterinary Services

How do you qualify?

We have strict guidelines in order to qualify for this fund.

If your animal needs emergency care, and finances are of a concern, please mention this to our staff, and they will take the case to the necessary personnel to find out if you qualify for the program. There are specific factors for qualification that are set out to avoid any misuse or abuse of allocated funds and to ensure we can continue to offer this important community program. The case must be presented to and signed off by the management team. This does mean that, unfortunately, not everyone will qualify, as it is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We will also consult any necessary outside specialists or shelter staff to make informed decisions.

All of our patients who qualify for use of the fund will be featured on our website and social media channels.

The Stryker Fund Logo

How can you help?


If you would like to donate to the Stryker Fund, we are accepting donations by means of etransfer.You can send your donation to: [email protected]. Please note that it’s a Stryker Fund donation.

We’re always coming up with new ways to raise money within the hospital, stay tuned for special donation events like nail trim days and pet portraits by donation. We’re happy to offer these opportunities to our community so come by and support the cause with your pet!

Have a credit on your account with us? You’re welcome to donate that too! 

Corporate Donations

If you would like to support us as a business, we can provide you with a donation jar, and materials to reach out to your own clients to help raise money.

Larger corporate donations can be handled by contacting the clinic or emailing: [email protected].

This is a community project, and we love being able to shout out others in the community that support local initiatives, so we’re excited to partner with you and shine a spotlight on what you’re doing!

If we can do something else with you to help raise money, let us know. If you’re game, so are we.

The Stryker Fund Stories